What is Researchpanel?

  • ) We conduct Research studies for Businesses and Government Agencies
  • ) We send you invitations to take part in these studies
  • ) We pay you up to $120 for each study you participate in

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Step 1: Register to become a Researchpanel Member

Register for FREE and tell us about yourself, it only takes 2 minutes, and you will also be automatically entered into the $100 prize draw for the month by completing your first survey! Your registration allows us to email you invitations to participate in studies that match your profile. Earn up to $120 for every study you complete.

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Step 2: Complete surveys and voice Your Opinions

At Researchpanel we value your opinions, they assist our clients to refine and develop the products and services we utilise in everyday life. Your input is important, which is why our clients pay for your opinions. By completing surveys and participating in discussion groups you can earn up to $120 for every study you complete.

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Step 3: Get paid for Your Opinions

You can earn anywhere up to $120 depending on the time and nature of the study. We credit your account per study you complete, and once your account balance exceeds $25, you can request a payment be made directly into your bank account. For face-to-face interviews, or attending discussion groups, you will be paid in cash at the venue.

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Your opinion counts (that’s why we pay you for it)

Researchpanel is an "Online Panel" dedicated to collecting market and social research data.

There is no selling involved; we simply conduct research studies for Western Australia's leading research companies, businesses, and government agencies. You will not be marketed to as a result of participating in our surveys.

You will however be paid for providing your opinions. By registering with Researchpanel, you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of PAID market research projects through online surveys, product concept testing, and group discussions.

Become part of our online panel

  • Quick, simple and FREE
  • Immediately be entered into a $100 draw just for registering, and completing your first survey
  • Join over 25,000 other West Australian panelists
  • Your opinions are maintained in complete confidence
  • Your personal details are secure and confidential
  • Earn up to $120 for each study you complete
  • View your payments and account online